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260W Fast Charging Car Battery Charger Five-Stage Repair Large Power 12-24V 20A Truck Battery Chargers with Pulse Repair

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Color: US Plug

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Product description:

Multi-function charger: 12V / 24V lead-acid battery charger, automatic intelligent battery charger, suitable for GEL, SLA, WET charger.(non-rechargeable lithium battery).
Stop when full: Connect the battery and plug it in. The power can be charged automatically without adjustment. The CPU's precise control plus multiple protections can automatically stop at full power, so you can rest assured.
Multiple protection functions: over-temperature protection, over-current protection, over-charge protection, reverse connection protection, short-circuit protection, voltage stabilization protection and multiple intelligent protection.
Advantages: The LED displays the charging status and the voltage is clear. It is suitable for charging 12V batteries. It is suitable for use in cold weather and low voltage. It is also very suitable when the car is parked for a long time without electricity or the battery is aging.
Wide range of applications: charging fully depleted 12V / 24V sealed lead-acid batteries for maintenance, including lawn mowers, boats, cars, electric vehicles, power tools, ride-on toys.
100% new high quality This battery charger uses a micro MCU controller to manage the battery charging process.
With online battery detection, short circuit protection, over voltage protection, reverse connection protection and other functions.
The smart charging indicator directly displays the charging process, making it easy for users to manage battery current.
Dual digital LED display
High power rechargeable automatic smart car battery charging 12 / 24V
Product name: Smart Pulse Multifunction Repair Charger
Voltage range: 110V-250V
Product specifications: 180 * 145 * 70mm
Working efficiency: 98%
Rated power: 260W
Plug Type (option):  EU Plug ,  US Plug
Working temperature: -30 ℃ to + 50 ℃
Working mode: pre-charge-constant current-constant voltage-trickle
The actual output current for charging a 12V battery is max about 20A
The actual output current for charging a 24V battery is max about 15A
Package includes:
1 * battery charger
1 * Instruction Manual


To ensure charge safe, every battery has charge power limit : 
0-100Ah battery:  max charge about 200W
100-200Ah battery:  max charge about 400W
200-400Ah battery:  max  charge about 600W



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